Wednesday, 7 April 2021

It's 2021, and has anything changed?


We are entering into the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Vaccinations have started, but variants still evade total elimination. At this point, I know of three - UK, South Africa and Brazil.  Australia remains lucky - we are barely touched by community spread.  Our cases are from returning international travellers.  We have limited restrictions and occasional snap lockdowns, with only a few states with mask mandates.  Of course social distancing and hand sanitiser remains ubiquitous. 

I started this blog 9 years ago.  Back then I weighed 97 kgs, and I thought that was too much.  27 kgs too much.  The original title for this blog was 27 Years Old and 27 Kilos Too Heavy. 

9 years later, I am 119 kg.  In 9 years, I haven't lost anything, I've only gained.  Seeing it in black and white like this is upsetting. I've gained 20 kilos in 9 years. I'm going to die from my own poor health.  

5 years ago exactly, I set up an April Challenge to exercise more consistently, and to cover a total distance of 30km.  This sounds like something I should do again. I'm one week into April in 2021. I am not restricted to a 5km radius (like Melbourne was last year). I can go outside and exercise. Exercise is good for mental and physical well-being.  I can make it a priority, and I must.  

Sunday just gone (4th April - Easter Sunday) I went out in the rain, and walked for around 30 minutes, covering 2.59km.  I'm calling that day 1, and my first part of the 30 km to cover in April.

As before, I am going track with a ticker, hopefully if I can remember how to make it, and upload it. 

That's me done.  Good night for now. 


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