Saturday, 11 October 2014

These boots are made for walking

So this week has been better mental health-wise and food wise.  I've actually stuck to my food plan and have eaten lunch everyday at lunch time.  (The emphasis is necessary!).  There have been a few not so great food choices in there too, like a 5-pack of Tim-Tams, but that was on Thursday, and it fit with my calories, as you'll see below.

In terms of exercise, well... not much.  No swimming, no zumba, no couch to 5k.  :(  I was not able to get up early and exercise in the morning, simply due to my doona being far too comfy.  Mmmmmm : ).  I did however walk out of my way a little in the past few days.

I dropped off my car for servicing on Wednesday afternoon (yes!  I finally managed to get that organised! : D ).  I purposely chose the dealership only so I could walk home!  I managed to rack up an extra 4.2 km to my day by doing that.  And saved money by not going through public transport.  Brisbane happens to have some of the highest public transport fares in the world (so I've been told).  If I had chosen to walk the 1km/10min to the train station, and caught the train home, I would have travelled ONE station, b/c my station is the first on that suburban line, and I would have had to pay $3.53.  To travel 4minutes?  No thanks, I'd rather walk the 40 minutes instead!

This also meant that on Thursday, I walked to work (35minutes) and walked from work to where I dropped off my car (~45min).  I actually kind of enjoyed doing that, because I ended up walking paths where there were a lot of other people who walk as their commute.  I felt so cool, because I was walking like everybody else.  I work just outside the CBD, but still within inner city boundaries, so there's tons of people walking for commute.  If at anytime I felt tired or like I should have taken up the offer of the bus or taxi, I just reminded myself that thousands of people do this everyday.  And it does them no harm. 

Makes me want to try and recommence walking to work everyday again. 

Well okay, let's be realistic here.  Maybe like, twice a week! :)