Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sun 26 July

In the last two and a half weeks, I've been doing better.
I've been exercising more regularly.  Not super regularly, but picking up the habit.
I've also been working on the eating.  That's taking longer to get right.

I've also had hectic weeks back at work.
And with looking after my mum & her house.

All of the next weekends in the forseeable future have something one.  Every weekend in August, plus the first few in September.


Gotta keep working on getting those good habits in.

Because they have made a difference so far.

Wed 8 July, I weighed in at 110 kg.  My official highest weight ever.
As of Wed 22 July, I was down to 104.7 kg.

That's progress.

I need to keep doing what I've been doing, but better.

Better eating
Better journalling
Better logging
Better sleep
Better exercising

Better looking after myself.

So I can get better results.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Wed 8 July

The Bridge event was pretty cool.  VERY packed and busy though.  Apparently 20,000 people per session time (1.5 hrs).  At first I thought that 90 minutes would be plenty of time.  Nope!  We barely got the the end of the bridge bit and to the music by the time 70 minutes had passed.

There was a whole lot more food stalls and music stages and events that we didn't get to see because there was still so many crowds.  I missed out on the Filipino food stall, which I was most looking forward to.  I LOVE Filipino food.  Would have to be the best food from another culture, as far as I am concerned.  Love it.

The day care mum up the road from us when I was young, looked after me while mum was at work.  She had three kids of her own, plus there were I think four of us? that she looked after also, at various times and days.  Anyway, she was Filipino.  Whenever there was a family celebration for either her family, or her sister's family, they would all get together at Fe's house.  And there would be food.  Oh my word!  The biggest variety of noodles you've ever seen.  The best collection of barbecued meats.  Spring rolls.  Oh,  my mouth is watering even now.

Isn't it funny how food makes such an impression on us?  Whenever I meet someone who is Filipino (or at least half Filipino) I always comment on how they must eat the best food at home.  They always agree.  Sometimes, I think it is to be polite, but a lot of them are genuinely pleased and agree wholeheartedly!

So, I missed out on Filipino food, simply because I didn't get to wander down the bridge far enough.  Where I did wander to though, I found the food that was my second most-looking-forward-to food:
Not my hand by the way, just a pic I nabbed from Google images.  URL credit in the alt-text (hover text). I just wanted to give you an idea of the size of what I was talking about.
My langos didn't have anywhere near this much cheese by the way!  Mine was topped with a sort of tabbouleh mix of parsley, red cpasicum, red onion, garlic, sour cream and a generous sprinkling of cheese (about 1/3 of the amount shown here!)

It's a Hungarian fried dough-bread thing.  I have no good way to describe it.  Google pages tell me it's "Hungarian Pizza", while every time I've eaten it, stall signage has always called "Hunagarian garlic bread".  Whatever it is exactly, it is delicious!  Garlic is right.  I don't know whether it's in the batter, or just as a dressing, but, gosh I love it.  First came across it when I went to musical festivals in my youth.  I look out for it now ever since.  Yum!  I got one with the lot, which had a tabbouleh kind of mix of parsley, diced red capsicum,  diced red onion, garlic, sour cream and cheese.

I also managed in the course of the day to walk over 10,000 steps.  First day in a long time I've done that.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sun 5 July

When I woke up this morning I went for a short walk.  2.1 km.   It felt good to do that and made me question why I don't do it more often?  It only took about 20 minutes.  And despite it being winter, it was a lovely morning.  Guess that's what happens when you live in Qld  :-)

On Friday night I went to the gym.  Not my regular one that I signed up in, but rather the one closest to my house.  I joined one of those 24-hr gym franchises.  So glad I did.  It meant that on Friday when I got the guilts for just sitting and bumming around the house all day, I could pack my bag, get into gym gear and go exercise - at 10pm at night.  Loved it.

For starters, the gym space at this second location is bigger - way bigger.  It had more weight machines and better layout, so that I actually have space to do ab work at the end of my routine.  The gym that I signed up at, well, it's looking a little bit sad and pathetic.  I even questioned whether I had made the right choice when I first went in.  (I picked this franchise because it had locations that were most convenient to me - for where I am studying (1), working & living (2) and even near my mum's house(3) ).  Now, as it turned out, I saved myself the $180 joining fee, because the (1) gym I use is actually going to relocate soon.  Luckily, it's still convenient for me.  It's little closer down the road, and its meant to end up with more parking, more change rooms, and more equipment.  If (2) is anything to go by, then (1) is going to end up great!

The other reason why I liked (2) is it had better music!  The music at (1) is crap.  Even through headphones, you can hear it.  Overall, (2) feels more modern and updated too.  So I can't wait to use it again.

Although not today.  Today, I'm off to a major celebration milestone that my city is putting on.

For a bridge.  

Yep!  One of Brisbane's iconic bridges is turning 75 and the city is making a pretty big deal out of it and making it pretty spesh.  Tickets were only available online through an allotment?  allocation?  system.  Not entirely sure how to put it.  There were only so many tickets made available and you could only reserve up to 10.  And they were gone within minutes!  Like, 25,000-tickets-snapped-up-in-less-than-20-minutes kind of thing.    I'm a bit worried about how I will go with the crowds today, but I've been having a good run of people interactions lately so I'm feeling confident?  calm?  Like, I have to leave the house in an hour, and I'm still not panicking yet.  Normally, I'd have been feeling sick and dread from this time yesterday.

But so far so good.  :)

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

2 July 2015


I just hopped on the scales for the first time in a month.  


Face Screaming in Fear


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

1 July 2015

Quietly entering the spectrum again to try, once more, to get my eating and weight under control, for the benefit of my health.

It's the same old excuses for the same old reasons.  "I don't have time" and then I'm upset that "I don't fit my clothes".

Holidays this week.  Today is a day for getting meals and exercise sorted.

Going to make a meal plan, go the shops and cook what I need & then freeze.  I'm even willing to go a bit further out than my usual shopping centre, so I can buy fruit & vege from the discount barn.

A few weeks ago, I joined a gym, and have been having sessions once a week with a personal trainer.  He's a super muscley, sunbed tan, protein-&-supplements, kind of guy.  Dim, but friendly.  I have already started to slack off from how much I thought I was going to use the gym, so I'm going this afternoon (or evening), for the first time in nearly a week.  I've got a mix of cardio, weights and abs exercises to do.

When it comes to making progress on losing weight, I definitely do better when I am logging food into MFP.  Weighing and logging food is so time consuming, but necessary.  I just wish there was an easier way.  Especially as I cook food in bulk, I'm always having to build the recipe - with no easy way to edit/adapt it.  After nearly two years using MFP (on and off) I still don't know if I'm better off creating my recipes to be 'per 100g' or in bulk and then guessing how many portions I'll get out of it.  :-S  Both seem unnecessarily awkward and time consuming.

Time to stop whinging and do something about it.

Oh, and have lunch,.  Before going grocery shopping.