Thursday, 20 February 2014

20 Feb. 14

So… Sunday came and went, and I forgot to update the table of my weightloss.  And I only want to make this a quick note because I’m on the laptop and left the charger at work.

Two things, related to the same.  I mentioned last post that I have started going to dance classes again?  Mondays and Thursdays.

I just want to share with the world that even though I was tired I had such a good class tonight J

This comes at the end of a long week.  A very hot and humid week (average temp 31*C/88*F), where I didn’t get to lunch until 3.30pm at the earliest (and twice I missed out altogether), traffic was shocking – 25min to drive 5km (3.2mi) anyone? and had three meetings called last minute before work (Tue-Wed-Thu).

Despite all these things, I still had a great lesson.  I haven’t felt so good about a dance class in ages.  I don’t know what it was, but I was on form tonight.  I’m without a doubt the only overweight person there.  Being 5’8” too, means I really stand out.  I normally feel so clunky and awkward, even though these are familiar moves to me.  But tonight I had great strength in my arms, I had better footwork, my neck felt loose, my sharp movements were sharp, my slow ones were beautifully controlled. *shivers* it all just worked

So that felt really good.

And then, walking home from the train station, I need to cross a major road (the same one I always talk about).  A car pulled up at the lights on the road parallel to where I walk and need to cross.  Sometimes it takes a long time for the lights to change, sometimes not.  Tonight was a short change.  Because I didn’t feel like waiting through another whole set of light changes, I decided I’d run to the corner to catch up to the lights as I saw they were changing orange.  My cross light was on red, because I didn’t reach it in time to press it before the parallel street went green, so I had to make the commitment to either run it or stop and wait. 

I know this is bad form, but I ran it.  I made it clear of the lights going green on the main road (which would have run me over).  In all, I probably ran about 75m (82 yards).  And that’s full pelt run-run, not just shuffle-along-quickly-run.  I didn’t even raise my heart rate.  I thought that was pretty good and what a surprise!  I didn’t feel the exertion of that at all.  Probably because it’s such a short distance, but usually, I would still need to catch my breath after such a dash.

So those are my two pieces of news I wanted to share.  :D  Please feel free to criticise me for running across the road, I had to tell you so there was a context to my running. 

And now, for dinner!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What? February already? Since when?

Ack!  So long without posting.  Especially a real post.  Crazy town!

Still on the highway, no wrong turns for me! :)  Admittedly, my walking has slowed and/or stopped lately.  I think the last proper walk I went on was Sunday 1st Feb?  Holey Colander!! Really? WHOA.... Oh no, it's okay, I checked my Nike+ Account and it turns out it was 4 Feb - so only a week ago.  But evidently it feels like a really long time, probably because of BUSY!

I have to admit, I haven't felt busy like this in a few years, and at this point in time, I'm liking it. : D

So I haven't been walking for a week, and I won't until Friday at this stage.  That's okay though.  Because on Thursday nights, I've been going to a dance class again.  YAy!  This is is the same one I was enrolled in last year on Thursdays - but I ended up stopping in August because I felt overly busy at work. And then never got back to it... Whoops!  But in any case, my teacher was more than happy to take me back this year, so yay again!

On top of that, I've picked up another dance class on Monday nights.  It's in the same vein as Thursday, but with a different group.  Still fun and exciting and I'm enjoying it.  First one was this week.

So, not so much walking in the last week or two.  But, keeping on the food journalilng and logging onto MFP.  I have been diligent in making lunch and breakfast the night before also - that I think was one of the big downfalls for me in last year.  Once I become only a little disorganised, that's it... it starts a downward slide and it takes me four to five days to get back on it.  So far, I've had one slip I think, on a weekend and it came from missing a lunch one day so when I got home I was starving and I couldn't wait for anything to heat up or put anything together so I ate lots of junky stuff.  But, it was just the weekend, so that was fortunate and I was able to pull myself back together.

On Mondays, I'm still weighing in, first thing in the morning.  I've got to make time on a Sunday soon to make a table and a graph of how my weight is going.  I have lost a little, I just want to keep it to myself right now.  I know, I know, accountability, put it print, all that... but.. meh.  you'll see.

Other than that, sleep and water intake is some good some bad.  I have trouble getting in enough water during the day sometimes so I get to 8-9 in the evening and I find myself thirsty and trying to drink 1.5 litres in 1 hour.  My stomach feels full of water but my mouth feels dry.  Urgh! So frustrating!  But, can only keep trying until I get it right, right? : )

Anyhow, I'm nodding off here as I write this, so I am posting and ending it here.

Again, some sporadic posting, not sure when I'll get back on to post again.  I'm still trying to catch up and read everyone else's blogs too when I can.  I'll get there!