Thursday, 20 February 2014

20 Feb. 14

So… Sunday came and went, and I forgot to update the table of my weightloss.  And I only want to make this a quick note because I’m on the laptop and left the charger at work.

Two things, related to the same.  I mentioned last post that I have started going to dance classes again?  Mondays and Thursdays.

I just want to share with the world that even though I was tired I had such a good class tonight J

This comes at the end of a long week.  A very hot and humid week (average temp 31*C/88*F), where I didn’t get to lunch until 3.30pm at the earliest (and twice I missed out altogether), traffic was shocking – 25min to drive 5km (3.2mi) anyone? and had three meetings called last minute before work (Tue-Wed-Thu).

Despite all these things, I still had a great lesson.  I haven’t felt so good about a dance class in ages.  I don’t know what it was, but I was on form tonight.  I’m without a doubt the only overweight person there.  Being 5’8” too, means I really stand out.  I normally feel so clunky and awkward, even though these are familiar moves to me.  But tonight I had great strength in my arms, I had better footwork, my neck felt loose, my sharp movements were sharp, my slow ones were beautifully controlled. *shivers* it all just worked

So that felt really good.

And then, walking home from the train station, I need to cross a major road (the same one I always talk about).  A car pulled up at the lights on the road parallel to where I walk and need to cross.  Sometimes it takes a long time for the lights to change, sometimes not.  Tonight was a short change.  Because I didn’t feel like waiting through another whole set of light changes, I decided I’d run to the corner to catch up to the lights as I saw they were changing orange.  My cross light was on red, because I didn’t reach it in time to press it before the parallel street went green, so I had to make the commitment to either run it or stop and wait. 

I know this is bad form, but I ran it.  I made it clear of the lights going green on the main road (which would have run me over).  In all, I probably ran about 75m (82 yards).  And that’s full pelt run-run, not just shuffle-along-quickly-run.  I didn’t even raise my heart rate.  I thought that was pretty good and what a surprise!  I didn’t feel the exertion of that at all.  Probably because it’s such a short distance, but usually, I would still need to catch my breath after such a dash.

So those are my two pieces of news I wanted to share.  :D  Please feel free to criticise me for running across the road, I had to tell you so there was a context to my running. 

And now, for dinner!

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  1. Dancing is such a good, fun way to exercise ... and yes, naughty you for running across the road.

    Keep on Dancing

    All the best Jan