Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Holidays Again!

Wow!  How time goes quick!!   I was hectically working last week to get my end of quarter reports in, and before I knew it I was on holidays!! I have two weeks holiday, where I will spend one week at my mother's at the gold coast, including a friend's hen's party on Saturday night.  We're going to a theatre restaurant and then out to dance until the early hours of the morn.  Then in the second week I'm going to spend some time chilling at home and trying to get myself back on track to some sort of routine with housekeeping (it always starts to slide when I'm reaching the end of a quarter) and cooking and exercising.

When I last wrote, I talked about keeping up with 1 new habit a week until it stuck.  Well, in theory I was actually doing two.  One was to do 25 sit-ups every morning and the second was to write everything that I ate in a day into a food diary. 

I did alright in the first week, I managed to bump up the number of sit-ups to 35, then last week they fell by the way-side.  Partly because I was side-tracked by getting my reports done, and secondly, Aunty Flo had come to visit.  So halfway through the week I did stop the sit-ups.  But I resumed them on Saturday morning when I was on my first day of holidays! And I've done them each morning since.  Even when I was staying over at a friend's place and I was sleeping on the floor!  I'm already back up to 30.  Yes!

My second weekly good habit was the food diary.  I have just checked and I last filled in what I ate on Thu 13 Sept - so, more than a week.  :-(  To be honest, when I am doing my reports, I always have horrid hours and then eat toasted sandwiches at 3.30 in the morning or something ridiculous.  I have honestly noticed I over eat processed foods, especially cheese, when it's reports time.  (I have terrible time management btw, so I always end up leaving my reports to the last week before I go on holidays).  I also wanted to avoid writing in it, so I could avoid looking at just how much food I eat in a day.  Before keeping the food diary, I honestly thought most of my problem from being overweight comes from how inactive I am.  I am now starting to think that my activity level really is only a small part of the problem and that what I eat plays a much bigger part. 

That's why this week I want to be really careful and really honest in filling out how much I'm eating and when I'm eating.  Because I am on holidays I have the time to go online and use a site like myfitnesspal or mapmyfitness to enter in my foods and really see how much I'm consuming and if I need that much or not.  I'm already aware that I eat more in the evening, especially when I get home from work.  Obviously, I'm not eating enough during the day to keep me full or sustained.  It's hard when I only really have 15minutes x 3 times a day, to eat food.  Even then, all those breaks aren't guaranteed.  But, over the next two weeks, I'm going to make sure I enter in what I can, so I can start to get an idea of how much I am overeating by.  I even kept the wrapper from a snack bar that I bought when I was out shopping, just so I can enter it online tonight and see how it stacks up with my daily food totals.

And speaking of food, time for my dinner!  Pearl Barley soup with vegetables - Om nom nom nom!



  1. That's awesome, I can do 0 sit ups right now. But sooner or later I will get there.

    What is Pearl Barley? I've never heard of it

    1. 0 sit-ups right now is fine JD! You don't want to give yourself a hernia now do you? : )

      Pearl barley is a grain - barley grain. We soak it in hot water overnight and then add it to some potato, carrot and celery with stock to make a very filling soup. My mother is Eastern European, so she is full of peasant food like this.