Thursday, 13 September 2012

Grumpy Day

Well, Tuesday saw a major annoyance.  My computer, which I have been using for anything I’ve been doing fitness wise, has stuffed itself.  My computer isn’t turning on, which the IT technician I spoke with suggested it may be a hardware issue.  If they have to rebuild it, then I’m probably going to lose everything saved on there – including my fitness stuff.  Any pre-written blog posts, information, research, quotes, exercise ideas, anything, is likely to be lost. 

So, understandably, I was at odds all day.  I had an hour in the afternoon to do work, catch up on reports and agendas, and I wasn’t able to access any of it.  The computer I’m using on is one of the laptops from work, which we use and make available to our clients when necessary.  But everything I require and need to access is either in my emails, or on the hard drive of the computer.  Very little is backed up onto the server, and the last time I did a back-up of my information and resources was in March.  About a week before I started to really get into this fitness idea.  Very frustrating.

By the end of the day, clients were really stretching me, and without being able to access everything I need to do my job, I really felt cranky by the time we had a meeting at three o’clock.  I was going to go into the minutiae of my afternoon and evening, but really?  Let’s just go with I was really peeved at everyone/everything, but really I was taking it out on me.  I thought I did okay though when I reached for food, to go for the bag of snow peas I had left in the fridge, rather than another coffee.

I think I ate a little better during the day today, being conscious that I was trying to be honest and write everything down.  I worry that I’m going to forget my food diary, or I’ll miss a meal, and everything will get stuffed up.  But, so far, three days in a row, I’ve been good at writing down everything I’ve eaten.  I noticed already that I tend to eat/snack/graze at night/evening more than I do during the day.  Is that a sign that I do need to eat more in the morning/during the day?  Or that I’m more disorganised or bored at home and eat while I’m preparing food? 

Because I knew I would be working late tonight (still got out an hour early – yay!) I brought dinner with me to eat before my last session.  Steamed brussel sprouts, mashed sweet potato (ran out of normal potato) and a meat replacement “chicken-style” fillet.  Was filling enough, but then when I got back from grocery shopping, after work, I again felt like eating.  So I ate a little bit of one food, then a little bit of another, then I finished off the first food and had another forkful of the second... 

Now I feel a little ill because I ate too much food, too quickly, but I managed to stop myself from keeping on going.  I know I should have probably eaten the first snack and then waited 10 minutes.  Have some water, and then decided if I wanted more.  I need to start being more aware of my eating: what I’m eating, when I’m eating, why I’m eating.  I think starting from tomorrow, not only will I write down everything I eat (or drink) during the day, I’m also going to take the time to note when I ate that food.  Just to see if I am right in seeing a particular time of day when I graze more, or boredom eat.

I’ll keep you posted!

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