Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Two New Things Today!

Whoa!  What a full on day today has been. 

Today, I attended the welcome luncheon for new staff at my workplace.  It was a little daunting to say the least.  Preparations started at 8 am – ironing my outfit, washing my hair, packing my bag so I look professional and dedicated, cleaning off the scabby bits of last week’s nail polish, filling out the forms I was sent last year to be brought today... A lot!  I was so nervous about being late that I was ready early for once (I’m notoriously poorly organised and run late for everything).  Once I started driving, I figured out that it was the first time I had ever driven the route to my workplace I had only ever seen it on the map before.  This may or may not have led to minor panic on my part, thinking I wasn’t going to see my turnoff!  But I made it.  In fact, the journey took only 10min.  I’m sure in peak hour it will be more, but wow!  That was a nice easy drive!

The luncheon was alright.  Lots of new staff, so that’s going to be a relief.  I didn’t get to meet my direct supervisor, she was away, but I did meet my line manager, my department manager, and many of the other managers including the executive manager – Eep!  He knows my old manager – so I hope I do well.  Tomorrow is a whole staff professional development day.  And then Thursday, Friday I, and the other newies will continue to undergo specific training and go over policies and procedures relevant to our positions.  How not fun.


My second new thing for the day was the dance class I went to this evening.  Beginnners class, but actually really small.  There were only 5 of us students, when in the intermediate class immediately beforehand there was probably closer to 30.  I haven’t danced for 5 years because there just was nothing available where I lived, so this was extra exciting for me  : )    Turns out, I remembered many of the basic steps and positions and I didn’t manage to pick up any bad habits in my absence.  : )  Also, weird fact, the dance teacher here in Bris, is acquainted with my old dance teacher from where I went to uni.   And the teacher thinks I may actually be better suited to the intermediate class, where it’ll challenge me, rather than go through the painfulness of beginner’s classes again.  Reality of life: Sometimes, people catch onto things faster than you and you feel frustrated that you can’t do it.  Beginners’ classes are often full of these people who struggle and struggle and just can’t get there.  Poor things.  Just need to breathe it out, try it again slowly, and laugh about it.


Anyhow, it’s late enough for me and I’ve got a full day of work ahead.  Am I packed?  Yep.  Am I ready? Nope.


P.S.  Did I say I went to AquaA yesterday?  Because I did.  And it was hard work.  And still so much fun. : )

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