Saturday, 2 February 2013

2 Feb. 13

Just a quick update to let you know that I am still blogging and looking after myself and working towards getting healthier and fitter.

Work has been really busy.  Still trying to get my feet on the ground.  Lots to learn.  I’m in a much bigger organisation than I was.  However, because I’m new, I don’t have to have as many responsibilities, which means getting to go home sooner – yay!  My client workload is about the same, however, there are more people to bounce ideas off, which is great.

We had awful weather last weekend.  The remains of a cyclone had tracked its way down along the coast and caused a lot of localised flooding, power cuts, trees over roads and so on.  It was a mess.  Also, unbelievable that so much damage could come from an ex-cyclone.  I don’t ever want to be caught in a real one!  Horizontal rain was not an exaggeration. 

It was also impossible for me to get to Aqua Aerobics on Monday night because of the rain and storms.  So disappointed.  But I can’t wait to go again this Monday.  I have even been swimming for nearly two weeks and I’m really missing it.  I found swimming quite relaxing and meditative even though I was pushing myself to swim stronger.  I need to get myself a routine happening so that I can get to the pool before work.  Either that, or remember to pack my swimming gear into the car, because I have a key for the pool at work.  That would only be an after work thing I think though.

Roads cleared enough by Tuesday that I was able to go my dance class on Tuesday.  Only 1 other girl from last week came back.  I don’t know whether it wasn’t what they expected or what, but I was kind of expecting them to not come back.  I could kind of tell from last week, that they weren’t as into as they should have been.  On the other hand, there were four other ladies there.  And they seem like they’re going to come back which is cool.  Also, the teacher convinced me to come along to the intermediate classes.  *Rolls eyes* Two lessons at beginner level and I’m already intermediate.  Go me!

Thursday night was another dance class.  Different style to Tuesday’s.  Tuesday’s dance class is faster and more aerobic while Thursday is slower and more muscular.  In fact Thursday s two classes back to back.  So, two hours of dance – yay! 

I may or may not be trying to make up for the fact that I missed out on dancing for the last five years by now cramming four hours of dance in a week.  J Honestly, I’m very happy about it.  I probably shouldn’t take up any more hobbies or activities at this point though, not if I still need to keep the house clean (and finish unpacking.  I have two rooms still full of boxes! O_O), and meal plan and go grocery shopping and cook dinner on the nights when I’m not dancing…

Weekends are my time to relax.  So I’ve spent all day catching up on webcomics, blogs and watching the Twilight movies. 
Tomorrow, I’m going for an early morning swim and then shopping for some more professional work clothes.  Everyone dresses in a far more corporate style here. 
Yet another reason to keep working on getting fitter, healthier and losing weight J

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