Sunday, 3 February 2013

Counting the Calories

Late last year, when I had stopped blogging and exercising, I still kept up with reading about weightloss.  A lot of the articles I read point out that weightloss is 80% food/20% exercise (I just made the exact numbers up, but more food than exercise).

So, in order for that to make a difference, I needed to know exactly how much food I am consuming every day. Thank goodness I was on holidays for five weeks, because it can be time consuming. But the more I fill in, the easier it gets. So far, I've been doing it for about four weeks.


It seems I really do overeat. I should be consuming somewhere around 2100 calories, just to cover my BMR. I'm consuming closer to 2300. So, is it any wonder I'm not losing weight? I figure, I'm going to try to aim for 1900-2000 calories per day, in order to lose weight. This should give me weight loss of about 500g per week - a nice steady level of weightloss.


I started using an online website, called because they allow you to log workouts as well as food. They have a database of food and it is possible to add a food that they don't have.  This is probably the part that is the most time consuming however.  There are a lot of foods which I eat that aren’t on their database.  It’s really frustrating to remember to hold onto to the wrappers or packets of everything I use in making food, just to then enter all the data in.  The website doesn’t currently have an app which syncs to the food diary, so I have to manually key everything in.


I know quite a few people in the blogosphere use myfitnesspal and I found out some of my friends use it too.  In fact, one of my friends lost eighteen kilos by using myfitnesspal.  I had a quick look at it and it seems that there are a lot more foods on their database than in the one I currently use.  So nearly two weeks ago, I swapped to myfitnesspal.  It has been so dead useful.   Nearly every food that I eat is there.  Especially handy as being in Aus, all our brands are different.  There must be a huge community of people using it, because even the supermarket brands are there. 

Myfitnesspal has calculated that my daily calorie limit, in order to lose 1lb per week, (450g) that I should be eating 1970 Calories/day.  I put the settings on the lowest exercise level because I haven’t been regularly exercising enough each week yet.  I think when I know exactly how my routine pans out, and I’ve been regular doing exercise three times a week, I’ll adjust the settings again to properly take that into account.


By Monday, I should hopefully see some result of trying to eat carefully.  Of course, my eating patterns haven’t been perfect.  There have been days when I have skipped breakfast because I was running late.  Days where instead of cooking dinner, I have eaten snacky food, like crackers and oat slices and fruit all evening.  Days where I have eaten two dinners.  Days when I’ve forgotten to log everything I’ve eaten.  Days when I’ve “forgotten” to log everything I’ve eaten.  Most of those days overlapped to make 3 days in total where I haven’t been on track.  But on the whole I think I’ve been pretty good. 


  1. I love my fitness pal and I love the app where you can just scan the barcode in if it's not on there. Accountability for calories is really at the crux of this losing weight thing!

    1. Yes, that's what I'm discovering for myself. I really had no idea what I was eating, and how much.
      One of the main reasons why I am thinking of investing in a smart phone this year! I'm still old school and use a Nokia phone that doesn't even have a camera, let alone internet. Heck, doesn't even have bluetooth.
      I did actually find something this week that wasn't on it, so I substituted another flavour. Should be close.

  2. Hi! I'm 5'9" tall and active. I currently eat about 1600 calories per day, which is keeping me in size 10. 1900 to 2000 calories is probably not going to result in the goal you want. I know that is exasperating to accept, because I personally know from experience of failing with my weight with that many calories. But I want you to succeed, so I'm telling you the truth.

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion,
      Thanks for your advice! : )
      I know the 1900 calories is definitely not going to do me any good in the long term, but right now, I think it makes a decent starting point. Especially as I have been overeating for years and have had no real idea of what I was putting into my body.
      Since I started I have lost 2kg - so I like to think I must be doing something right!
      As I begin to incorporate more exercise daily, and get stronger, I will begin to adjust my calories downward.

  3. Hey! 2100-2300 seems a good calorie intake to me. Just remember to give it time and exercise and I'm sure you'll start noticing it some more!

    Have a good one!


    1. Hi Emilio,
      thaks for the encouragement!
      Right now, going slowly is the approach I am taking. I'm still trying to get into the habit of logging each food each day. I'm getting better at it! And I've already lost 2kg, so it's a good start.
      And yep!! I need to up the exerise. Exercise always makes me feel better and want to eat better. It's like my body craves the food that will properly fuel it, so the more I exercise, the better I'll eat. : )