Monday, 11 February 2013

11. Feb. 13

Oh dear, it's happening again.  I'm starting to get really busy and therefore slack off in my efforts to get healthy.

I'm not going to lie.  Last week, I ate terribly.  Tuesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday lunch were all convenience foods.  Either takeaway from the noodle bar on the corner, or fast food on my way home from dance classes.  And I'm paying for it in more ways than one. 
  • Number one, I obviously didn't do myself any favours when it came to trying to lose weight.  I haven't gained anything, but nor I have I lost any weight.
  • Secondly, I was far more tired by the end of the week than I had been in the weeks before.  I was so exhausted Friday I kept losing my balance and I could feel a twitch in my eyebrow.   
  • Thirdly, my face started to break out in pimples - huge ones that are going to hang around for days
  • Lastly, I haven't helped myself learn new habits about healthy food choices. 
I am annoyed with myself for doing that all week, but in a way, I'm glad because it showed me what a difference nutritionally-poor food does to me.  After only a week, I was slower, more sluggish, more prone to whinging.  In the previous weeks, where I was eating better, I felt better.

So, planning needs to happen!  Planning my meals, planning my grocery shop and planning on cooking/preparing/making food.  Last week, I kept running out of time each evening to cook, or I hadn't done the washing up yet, or I was missing a key ingredient (the spinach for spinach pasta, etc).  Little things like that, which led me further and further astray. 

Tuesday and Thursday are definitely out when it comes to cooking food that night.  My dance classes keeps me out of the house from 6 until 9 or 9.30.  Given that I get home from work somewhere between 5.15 and 5.45, I'm cutting it close.  Aqua Aerobics finishes at 7.20pm, so by the time I get home, shower, rinse my togs, it's edging towards 8pm.  Late enough to be eating dinner, let alone cooking on top of that. 

So that really only leaves Wednesday and Sunday to cook dinner.  I have to admit, I find it hard to cook anything on a Friday night, I tend to prefer leftovers, or takeaways.  Something quick and easy.  Saturday will vary.  Most Saturdays I cook, but there have been known to be lazy ones.  So, I am determined to cook food this Wednesday night.  Especially as I need to take something hefty in to eat on Thursday as an afternoon snack, so I eat food before my dance class.  I think that's what made me go for a (large) container of noodle stirfry after dance on Thursday - I hadn't eaten properly that day.

As a result of all this poor planning and poor eating, last week I stopped logging my food.  I know I should probably go back and fill it in, and confront myself with just how much food I was consuming.  On Tuesday (the night that started it off), I logged my fast food.  But I also logged my dance class, so the calories weren't so bad.  I'm quite sure the rest of the week will not be so good.

If I can end on a positive note however, I did exercise three times last week.  Monday Aqua Aerobics, double dance Tuesday, double dance Thursday.  Hopefully they count for something!


  1. Hi Sunny! The key thing here is: Do not beat yourself up. Have "Quick forgiveness," like the winning football quarterback must have after throwing an interception to the other team, in order to win the game. The important thing is to quickly cut off the binge, so it doesn't continue for days like yours did.

    Do all of the steps of the process for successful weight--every day. Get food journaling again. I keep my food journal in my purse so that it's always with me--so no excuses, right?. Have a very nice apple, orange, or banana with you at *all times,* so that when you need "fast food," there is nothing faster than your fruit. Keep your food very simple. 2 Oatmeal packs make a wholesome dinner in 3 minutes.

    You can do this(!), but it only works if you think positive and do the process every day.

    :-) Marion

  2. I know the feeling. You do the wrong things and feel so damn guilty afterwards. Thankfully, we have the opportunity to get back to where we left off. Take it one day at a time dear friend. It gets better everyday.