Monday, 26 August 2013

It’s so close I can smell it… or is that just my feet?

Last week I didn’t lose any weight.  I stayed at exactly the same weight.  And I was fine in that, for the reasons mentioned in that post.  I did point out however, that I was going to tackle the week in exactly the same way I have been approaching this whole Mid-Year’s Resolution’ and that I was going to weigh and log everything.

And that’s what I did, even though I had a ‘hungry’ week.  Throughout most of the week I ate more than I should have.  I constantly felt that I wanted something to eat.  Most of the time I wasn’t hungry, I just wanted to eat.  I made sure I was drinking water, in case I was mistaking ‘needing to eat’ with ‘needing hydration’, but, whatever, I ate more on most days.

However, I stuck true to my plan and I weighed and logged everything.  I did.  Hence, why I know most days I went over my calorie limit.

Did it make a difference?  Well… yes it did...

So… I’ve lost some more weight.  Granted, only another 500g (1lb), but given how much more I ate in the week, a loss is a loss.

So, yes, I’m so close to getting under 100 kgs, I am so excited, you cannot believe ! Or maybe you can, because you’ve been there too :D  Maybe you are nearing a milestone mark in health or fitness or weightloss and you’re feeling that beamy excitement that’s going to be in the forefront of your mind to keep you going. 

So technically my next weigh-in is in September, being next Monday, but I think if I make it under 100kg, I’ll claim it as an August victory.  After all, all the ground work happened in August.  And I don’t really feel the need/compulsion to hop on the scale on Friday to see if I made it.  Okay… maybe just a little.  But! If I hold out until Monday that means not only that

a)  I made it under 100kg in August but also
b)  I’m starting off my next month in a new decade

Both are wins as far as I am concerned. : )

P.S.  You can check out my table of progress so far on the Weigh-in page


  1. You're so right! Every pound matters. It was only when I started working on the next 1 pound that I became successful. If you're doing your food tracking and being ever aware of your choices, great things start happening. I truly hope and expect that your next era will be starting soon! :D

    1. Thanks as always for your encouragement Marion! :)

      I am really excited to know that even though I ate more, I still tried to feed myself good food. And that even though I ate more, my body was still able to balance out the energy in/energy out formula and came up with a loss. A small one, but one that is sustainable and stable. You know that I was worried that I dropped a lot pretty quickly in those previous weeks, so I'm glad to see I'm getting those 'baby steps' right!

  2. WHOO HOO!!! I admit I was like OMG 100.7 and she is trying to lose weight?????? Hahah then I realized it was kgs and googled the lbs. We are close in weight! If I could do it I know you can!! Good Luck!

    1. Haha, yes, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to mislead! I forget sometimes to add the pounds in afterwards. I'm just metric to bones! I even struggle with baby weights, when they are still occasionally quoted in pounds. I have no mental equivalent to compare the weight to!
      All my results on the Weigh-in page are always duel measurements, though, so you can double check there if you need :)
      Thanks for the encouragement by the way!

  3. Congrats on a good weigh-in! The size of your WOO-HOO font is epic, as it should be.

    1. Thank-you! After weighing in at the same weight as the week prior, then having a 'hungry' week where I definitely ate more, I really didn't know what to expect. So it was lovely to see I had a loss that is stable and sustainable in size.
      I'm really concentrating on meeting my calorie targets this week. I am so close to getting back into double digits! (I guess a pounds equivalent is to know you are under the 200 pound mark). It's all a mental game, isn't it? :)