Saturday, 24 August 2013

So, a Saturday reflection... ...noiƚɔɘlʇɘɿ yɒbɿuƚɒƧ ɒ , oƧ

Okay, so I know I just posted earlier, but this I felt was more relevant and to the now.

I was thinking about how I didn't lose weight last week, and thinking on what I've done this week for that.  I mentioned that I was going to do the exact same as I had been in the first place, weighing and logging everything.  Which I've done.

I've also eaten a bit more than my calorie limit on most days.  Sometimes only 50kCal over, sometimes as much as 400kCal.  I noticed that my eating has been more erratic this week and I've been reaching for the higher energy foods.  I think there were a few factors for this.

  1. Busy, busy week at work this week. We've all felt it.  Many of us had mid-project reports due in and the stress/tension was making us all go a little nutty.  We had a pretty explosive department meeting; Last minute changes to our programming that were not communicated; The bloke who works next to me teaching himself a new computer system; I myself on Friday went a little silly by 'mooing' at my co-workers (hands as horns and all :-D ).   The two women who sit behind me (our chairs back onto each other) ate an entire 800g bag of Minties in one morning.   They cracked it open at 8.30am and by 11am they were all gone.       O_O
  2. Long, long hours.  I've been waking up early in order to get into work and do stuff before most others arrive.  It becomes a noisy workspace when we're all in there in the half hour before we start our day.
  3. The weather turned.  We've been having unseasonably warm weather this winter.  Some Most days have been much more like late spring/early summer.  So this week when we got our normal late winter weather, it's been a surprise.  And maybe a bit of a shock to the system so the body is trying to compensate by consuming/craving more calories. 
  4. I think my body might have been trying to make up for the fact that I ate way under two days ago.  So, whilst last week I managed to not over eat to compensate, this week it seemed I did.
  5. I didn't do my grocery shopping on the weekend, so I didn't have much in the way of fruit, or salad ingredients, or even vegetables to steam.  I had enough food in the freezer that I had stuff to eat, but I portioned up those foods in such a manner that I would eat them alongside a salad or vegetables (lasagne for example.  Not enough on its own, but with vege - makes a meal!).  My lunches were pretty sorry for themselves.  
So... I ate more this week.  *sigh*

I'm pretty determined to not jump on the scale before Monday morning though.  I have always been pretty adamant that your body has too many fluctuations from day-to-day, hour-to-hour even, that it just doesn't make sense to weigh yourself every day.  I've never understood the appeal or motivation factor of daily weighings.  Of course what you put into your body certainly does leave an effect the next day (alcohol, I'm looking at you...) but really, it's that cumulative effect that I'm really going to notice.  Hence, the big drops for previous weeks.


  1. Well, keep trying. I have a stressful job, at times when deadlines are looming. And in the past, I've been the candy eater, like those 2 women. But that takes such a huge toll on a person's body. Like--I'd gain 10-12 pounds in a month! So I've decided I just can't do that anymore to myself. I hold a little of myself in reserve--at all times. And, curiously, I found that I actually do better work that way. Being overly engrossed and emotional is NOT a good thing for work, it actually makes a person less effective.

    For food, in the past year, I've really worked on having eggs, frozen veggies, and stuff on the shelf, like plain oatmeal and cans of tuna, at all times that lasts for quite a while in case I am late to the grocery store--so I don't have any excuses not to eat well. So far, this has helped immensely. Keep it up! You're doing better than those women with the minties. :D

    1. Aha! But see, those Minties? You can have, like, 6 for 1 WW point (or so I was told). I thought the point was somewhat moot when they were on their 20th lolly, haha! But, well it was their decision to eat them, just like it was mine to turn them down. :)

      I also had a giggle at your staples for food. When I was at uni, my friends all knew I when I was a few days from payday because I was eating porridge (oatmeal) for breakfast and dinner. So I completely agree with you there! And yes, eggs, tuna & frozen veges are staples I usually keep on hand too, however, I'd run out of them as well.

      But I went and stocked up yesterday and have planned out yummy healthy lunches all this week. Yay!

  2. Have you hit the grocery store now? Hopefully the work stress will be done soon? Good Luck!

    1. Thank-you! As far as I've seen, this week's a full week, but the two after that ease off, somewhat, so yay!

      And I did make it to the shops yesterday and now my fridge is filled with lovely fruit and vegetables, just waiting for me to cook and eat. :)