Monday, 6 January 2014

6. Jan. 14

So far I’ve been sticking reasonably well to the list I set myself last week.  Sticking to the water drinking has been really easy because it’s been so hot!  Have been getting through the water and unsweetened ice-tea like crazy.  And grapes.  Anything to keep me hydrated.

I’ve also stuck to the 1/2hr walks pretty well.  I skipped Saturday because it was far too hot!!  No way was I going outside in the heat!  Besides which, we went out that night for a friend’s 30th birthday party and danced until 4.30 in the morning.  I think 7 hours of dancing more than makes up for not going for a walk, right? : D

Even yesterday wasn’t the best weather.  It was hot all day, thankfully not as bad as Saturday, but so much more humid :-X  Give me dry heat any day!  Then at about midday, smokehaze from a bushfire that’s been burning across the bay for a week now, drifted over Brisbane.  Pretty much city-wide.  Gave a beautiful red colour to the sunset.  I tried to take a picture but I couldn’t quite get the right angle.  This was uploaded to a facebook page I’m on. 
Can you see the sunspot?  Bonus points! :D

Despite the smoke haze however, I still went out for a walk.  A much slower pace than I usually go at, because I was still a little tired from Sat night!  But I’m glad I went out.  It was around 5 o’clock this afternoon and I was feeling drowsy.  So it was either doze off on my balcony or go for a walk.  So I went for the latter! :)  I took my camera with me to try and capture the smokehaze.  I’m not sure how well you can see the smoke in the distance, but it’s there!   

I’m not asthmatic, so I wasn’t worried about that as I walked.  The route I took is the one I was doing back in October when I first started my “I surely must have time to walk for 20 minutes in my day” thing.  2.2 km (1.3mi).  Not a huge distance, but keeping up into the habit is a start, right?  And better to walk any distance than doze on the balcony, no?



  1. Even walking at your slowest, you are still lapping everyone sitting on the couch!

    I've been really struggling to exercise in the heat, but it's much nicer this week so I have no excuses. Except all the ones I think up.

  2. Yep! Making a habit only takes 21 days! I am throwing in a 2km walk too daily (Mainly for my dogs) and it just makes me feel so good, so why is it always the first thing that disappears when my time gets busy?

  3. We are currently at record cold in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, currently at -10F/-23 C. It's even colder in neighboring regions/states. So I can barely imagine feeling too hot. We bought groceries on the weekend. No school for the kids. They will probably sleep towards 10 a.m. I should make a big pot of tea up! Good for making yourself walk--like Natalie says, you're doing far better than most people. Happy new year to you! :D

  4. I hope I can stick to mine..(have to get back on counting those calories) I know I can whine. But, good going with water:))

  5. great job on the water! It is so weird to see you talking about hot when we are freezing here in Florida. Florida!? I know, right? LOL