Friday, 3 January 2014

First Post of the New Year

Welcome to 2014!

I got sick of my home computer being a pain and snuck into work to get my laptop from there to use.  It was just too frustrating not being able to calorie count or upload and track my walks.  So, I took my work laptop home.  And I’m so glad I have.  My posting will still be sporadic, however, my ability to calorie count is greatly enhanced.

Well, it’s a hot day today and around the state.  Currently, it’s 33*C (91*F) where I am.  I’m managing to avoid it by sitting on my balcony where there’s a lovely breeze happening, so it feels a lot cooler.  Lucky me!  Everyone else in Queensland: not so lucky.  But boy am I glad I’m not in my old town though.  Their temperatures are hovering near 46oC (117oF) today.  OUCH!  Remember of course this is in the shade too.  I imagine that in the sun it would be closer to 60oC (140oF).  I remember one very hot day heading into the sun with the thermometer just for shits and giggles and it was saying 55*C (130*F).  Farming town too, so there’d be lots of people who are working outside in that heat.  O_O

This hot weather also means that everyone’s flocking to the council pool, so swimming is still out of the question.  When the office at work opens up again next week, I’m going to ask if I can go in and use the pool at work while we’re still on official holidays (we start up again Monday 20th Jan).  For starters it’s free for me to use and secondly, won’t be busy and clogged with swimmers.

It also makes going for a walk a little bit more uncomfortable.  It’s very hot during the day (obviously) but even in the evening 6-7pm, it’s still very hot.  But I’ve been managing.  I’ve gone for a walk everyday since (and including) Tuesday.  It doesn’t seem like much yet, I get it, but for now, it’s a start right?  Averaging 30 minutes and 2.8km (1.75mi).

I even managed to go for a walk last night after dinner.  I just piss-farted around all day yesterday that by the time I remembered I should go for a walk it was already 7pm – sunset.  So I took the opportunity to make dinner and then wait until after dinner to go for a walk.  Because we got a spat of rain I ended up having to wait until 11pm to go.  I have the benefit of living on a main road (4 lane main road) so it is very well lit up on both sides of the road.  I set the Nike+ Fitness app on my Nano for 20 minutes, but it turned out the distance I wanted to walk ends up being 25 minutes, so I’m happy with that.  Gives me another option of a 20 minute walk for when I have “no time”.  I also chose to walk the direction which took me UP a huge hill.  Urgh! Lol, I could have walked up the other side of the road which is shallower and then walked down the steep hill on my way back, but I was worried with the wet pavement it would be too slippery and hazardous to go downwards. 

So, that’s me and what I’m up to.  Don’t know when I’ll get the opportunity to post again, but hopefully soon.

Best of luck for 2014 – my year to get my dream!

Hot-to-very-hot-mostly-sunny-isolated-shower-and-thunderstorms-later-this-afternoon-and eveningDuckling


  1. I love swimming and on those 40+ days I just feel like walking down and digging a big hole in my back yard to put one in. The thought of being in my swimmers near my teenage students makes me want to vomit! Ewk! Wish we had a private pool to use here. I have to wait until late too because I am so scared that my little doggies paws will burn on the still hot pavement! Ouchies!

  2. Yes!! So many people don't think at all about their dogs on the hot concrete! *We* wear shoes and hats to protect us, but not them. And really, if the grass is brown and crunchy underfoot, that's not any better for them! Especially if there's a bindii patch. O_O Ouchies again!

    I hope you do manage to get some swimming in! Be such a shame to go by this summer hols and not get a chance to. Would you still feel uncomfortable if you were wearing boardies and t-shirt? My only suggestion, unfortunately!