Thursday, 23 January 2014

Just checking in

Hi all!
Just a quick post to point out that I'm still here and I haven't fallen off the wagon yet.  Nor am I clinging on for dear life.  I'm actually sitting quite comfortably in the driver's seat

How's that for analogy?!  Ooh yeah!  =D

I did say that I would have some sporadic posting until the end of January, it's probably going to extend a little longer, at least though February and possibly March... Urgh  :(  But, it can't be helped.

So, update:

  • I'm still logging my food every day that I can access MFP
  • I'm also doing some exercise each week where I can - just small stuff, like walking 3km or thereabouts (just <2mi)
  • I'm concentrating on eating good food - like having salads on my sandwich, or steamed vege as a side to dinner
  • I'm doing my best to prepare and cook actual food - and not just microwave and eat an entire box of frozen chicken nuggets (this is in no way an admission that I may have ACTUALLY have done this...)
  • I mentioned that I'm upping my vege intake?  Okay... good
  • Pre-logging my foods the day before if I can, so I am able to keep in mind my calorie limit.
  • Oh yeah! going to bed earlier so I can get enough sleep and not get the "I'm-tired-hungries"

There's probably more, but I'll stop there and make a better post later (mayb not til nxt wk?).
Oh, and update monthly challenge and weigh-in results pages.  Eventually, but soonish.



  1. Okay, but I'm not commenting 'til you stop and make a better post.

    Wait... what? Dammit, how do I delete this comment?!?!?!

    Oh well... keep up the good work!

  2. You've been doing excellently!!! So Great! I have a confession--I ate a lot of chicken nuggets last year. They were my demon food that I let myself eat when I really craved crappy food. This year, teen daughter had a serious talk with me about them, and asked me to please stop being lazy and cook a piece of real chicken if I wanted chicken. Yep. So I've had *0* chicken nuggets this year. I'm going to miss the cartilage goodness. I'm also trying to up my veggies. I'm trying to eat more paleo with less carby screw-ups. So we are on the same page entirely. :D