Saturday, 21 December 2013

New Habit November – part 1

So… I started writing this at the end of October 2013...

My goodness! Has it really been two months already?  It can’t be….

Ooops!  That’s not good….  So, catch up time.  (By the way this turned into a really long post (3+ pages!) so I’ve decided to split it up.  Read on for part 1….)

In the last two months, some good, some bad.  For the most part, the status quo has been maintained.   What I was doing before is the same as I am now.  :-S

1.        September I set myself the challenge of doing sit-ups every day.  I didn’t make it to 600… I think I got to 436.  Still, I think I did pretty alright with that, especially considering I have kept on going and I am still doing sit-ups most days.  I am now up to 60 at one time.  I have to stop for a day or two sometimes though because I think I am starting to bruise my tail bone.  I think I need to get a thicker yoga mat thing.   The one I’m using is fairly thin, and given I have a concrete floor, it’s just not giving enough padding.  I need to find a really cushy one, not just a non-slip type rubber mat.

2.       I have picked up my swimming again!! The local pool opened up back in September so I have been a few times since then.  I also organised to get a key for the pool attached to my workplace complex.  There are a few community groups/swim clubs that use it too though, so trying to find a time that doesn’t clash with them is proving tricky.  Especially after work.  It’s an open-air/outdoor pool so in theory I can swim anytime I want.  It’s just creepy to stay after 6 and swim on my own.  And I’m not really going to go to work on the weekend just so I can swim for 50 minutes. 

Before work doesn’t quite work either, because there isn’t a proper shower/change room.  Just a single shower head for a rinse in the doorway to the changing room.  As in, you want to shower (rinse)?  Then you have to do it in full view of everyone else including those still poolside.  Eeep!  I guess it’s to make it a quick process seeing as there are many community groups that use it and it needs to be available for quick change.  No girls spending half an hour under the shower so they can wash their hair.  o_O  And then, the actual change room is in the style as it exists in many public pools around the world – an open room with benches and hooks but no individual cubicles.

Speaking of cubicles.  There’s no toilet there either.   So… before work swimming?  Nuh-uh!

3.       Another something that I have been doing is trying to go for a walk everyday.  I started with the intention of just walking for 20 minutes a day, but that’s extended somewhat to 30 minutes a day.  20 minutes just didn’t feel long enough.  Ironically, I picked 20 minutes because I don’t “have any spare time”.  Is that irony?  I don’t know if it is.  Hmm…

It was back in the beginning of October and we had a long weekend, where I had spent practically the entire weekend inside, on my arse. *throws hands in exasperation* Pah!  *walks over to where hands landed and crouches down to get them again mama-cat style*Ah!  That’s better!  (P.S.  Learnt to type with my nose!).  I got so mad at myself for doing that, that I decided at the very least, I should have the time to walk for 20 minutes.  Everyone has time for 20 minutes!

I walked pretty consistently for a week and a half 20 minutes everyday.  Most times it turned to longer than 20 minutes, because of having to wait to cross the train track or the road.  But the distance was fairly consistent: 2.2km (1.37mi) But then, of course, something happened to make me get back off track.  I was sick for a few days and that threw all plans – exercise and eating out the window.  And I’ve been really slow to bring it back.  L

4.       I’m working on a new habit for November.

ETA: I don’t even remember now what that habit was meant to be, unless it was to eat breakfast everyday?

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