Sunday, 29 December 2013

Oh right, what I’m currently doing

Okay, so last post from me for a while – what am I currently doing?  Apart from cursing out my computer (stupid Chrome is eating all my CPU) I’m “trying” once again for weightloss/health.
It should be so easy.
I want to lose weight and I know exactly what I need to do to lose weight.  So why isn’t it working?  Why am I finding it so hard?  Why can’t I get back to the way I used to be?  : (

Immediate goals/activities:
  1. Sit-ups once again.  I went clothes shopping for clothes in October and bought lots of lovely new shirts/tops for work.  I have only worn half of them, because since I stopped doing sit-ups, my gut has starting sticking out again and all my clothes hang badly on me – it’s all in the belly! L
  2. Drinking lots of water – not soft drinks (fizzy drinks).  Helps with the salt bloating thing right?
  3. When I’m not at my mother’s – go for a half hour walk every day: who knows when I’ll get the chance to go when I’m stuck at ma’s?
  4. Food diary & measuring food again – just to get into the habit.  I can’t calorie count that well without a computer and the internet because I haven’t got a smartphone, so I’m stuck waiting til I can get onto a computer to enter everything onto MFP.  But it’ll be a good activity to try and see how much my portions and serves have become unrealistic
That’s it for now.
Once again,
Sporadically yours,



  1. Oh, don't be gloomy! Your above plan is excellent. You'll be back on top of this in no time at all. :D

  2. Thanks Marion. I hope so! Just want to start out small and steady. No lofty ambitions at this time, just stuff that I know worked for me and is achievable.