Sunday, 22 December 2013

New habit November – part 2

Eating?  Food?  Urgh…. For sure the hardest part about this. 

I hate that I get into the swing of weighing/logging food, then I just don’t do it once...  Start again four to five days later.  Maintain for a week?  Ten days?   Four to five days later, I start again.  Urgh!

There was one week in there where I ate junk food everynight.  And I mean junk food.  Macca’s and Hungry Jacks – sometimes on the same night.  (Sorry! Regional slang:  Macca’s is McDonald’s.  Hungry Jacks is I think Burger King?).  Two burgers, Large Fries – sometimes two (because I got one from each place), 30+ chicken nuggets, icecream.   Every night.  For a week.  I don’t know WHAT possessed me!  I just wanted (I say: wanted, but without any really sense of desperation to it.  Not an ‘I WANT!’ But more an ‘I want because I don’t care right now’) junk food.

But, well, it seems I’m good now.  I don’t want and haven’t wanted for about 3 weeks now.  And I don’t think I do want again anytime soon.  For starters, the cost.  So. Much. Money. . . And secondly, why?  Why should I continue to eat food that’s bad for me?  I have a freezer that’s overflowing with food that I’ve precooked and portion.  Why the frell am I not eating it? 

The one thing I’ve been doing well over this entire two months is breakfast.  I’ve been making sure I have a ‘healthy’ (relatively speaking), filling, nutritious breakfast.  It’s a bit of an extension to the breakfast I ate while I was in highschool.  My ma and I used to have massive fights because I struggled (and still do) to eat breakfast first thing in the morning.  Yoghurt was about all I could handle.  Ma always used to claim that ‘my stomach needed something to chew on’ and that yoghurt wasn’t enough.  So to appease her, I used to throw a handful or two of quick cook oats into my yoghurt,  claiming that ‘they’ll expand in my stomach as they digest’      O_O     Well, it any case, that seemed to be enough for ma, especially as in year 11 and 12, because we started at 8am, the school canteen opened from 7.30 and sold breakfast.  So I had a bacon and egg roll with cheese, and a white coffee with two sugars.  Every morning.  Tsk!  But I digress…

I decided I’d do the yoghurt-and-oats thing again, seeing as it’s heading into summer so hot porridge is out of the question.

Turns out, this is quite a craze on pinterest and ‘Mama-craft-and-cooking’ blogs at the moment.  I’m talking of course about: Overnight Oats

*shrugs*  Who knew that something I used to do in highschool just to shut ma up would turn into a global sensation?  I especially love reading comments and reactions by people on the blogs who’ve posted recipes for overnight oats:  “can I substitute this?”, “my child won’t eat that, could I use this?”, “Would it still work if I omitted this?”  “I’m going to follow your recipe, but change A, B and G to 1, 2, and 5”.   Lmao!! YES!! Of course it will still work! J  Just adjust and adapt to what you have on hand.  Eg: the bananas I forgot I had.  I cooked up some pumpkin and tried a ‘spiced/sweet pumpkin puree’ mix (I guess I was trying for a “pumpkin pie” type sensation – something that is not traditional here in Aus.).   It didn’t win me over.  But, I bought heaps of 1kg tubs of flavoured yoghurt on clearance and have been working my way through them.

ETA – I can’t even remember where I was going with this post, so I’m going to end it here.

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