Thursday, 17 May 2012

Some progress in fitness...?

Whoops!  I've been slacking with my posting… I guess I don't have anything new to report in terms of my wellness progress…  That, and life has got in the way. 

I have gone to the gym Monday, Tuesday and today.  I am getting better at some things.  I think my fitness is improving, slowly, but improving. 

It's such a hard thing to measure I guess.  Maybe I need to make an afternoon this weekend to set-up a bench mark of things - how ling it takes me to run 100m & 500m, how many sit-ups, push-ups, star jumps and burpees (!)* I can do.  Time how long I can maintain the plank position for.   Those bench dip things that are good for your triceps.  Maybe with the star jumps and burpees I should see how many I can do in a minute or something?  Ooh! Thought of another one… see how long I can last skipping with a skipping rope.  In the past whenever I've used a skipping rope I've had to give up after 20 seconds because I'm just too out of breath!

Wow, I only just thought of this idea and I like it more and more already!  Maybe I can check myself on this once a month?  That way I'm doing more than just trying to lose weight…?  I've read a little bit into goals and goal setting when getting fit/losing weight - maybe I need to read into this more.

*I worked out I can do burpees now!  I hate burpees - I think they're evil!!!!  But, this week on Monday's circuit class, when we had to do burpees at one of the stations, I could do some!  Not very quick mind you.  In the thirty seconds we had, I think I only did four… but I made the effort and I did them, instead of just stepping out from the crouch-down position.  Hooray!! Even though I'm still a bit blasé about it, I really should be more excited.  Burpees are one of those things I find really really hard to do.  Squats - they're easy.  Give me ten variations to do and I will happily do them for the hour.  But burpees - yuck!

Right - something to research and look into for fitness 'base testing'.  Off I go!


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