Saturday, 5 May 2012

Week 4 Weigh-in

Oops!  Thanks to having a show holiday this week, I've forgotten to post.
I went to the Gym on both Monday and Tuesday again this week.  It's funny, I wasn't feeling that positive about it on Monday, but Tuesday felt good.  Given how much arms work we did in class, I was really worried that my arms would be really sore.  But Wednesday was really good, my arms and shoulders weren't stiff at all.

Now, my results for week four were...

Week 4
95 kg
85 cm
114 cm
101 cm
114 cm
Thigh (R)
72.5 cm
114.5 cm
Upper Arm (L)
35 cm
35.5 cm

I went down another kilo!! Hooray!! And I'm feeling pretty good about my other measurements too.  I did actually remember to measure and weigh myself before I ate breakfast too, so I should keep going with that too.

2 kilos down - I'm on my way!


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