Sunday, 27 May 2012

Week 7 round-up

Whoops!  I've had helluva busy week this week.  Not keen on next week's results based on this and other excuses

Well at the end of this week, this how the results look. 

Another kilogram down! Wahoo!  Also, some numbers have gone down, namely the waist.  Not 100% sure if this is accurate though.

94 kg
83.5 cm
111.5 cm
101.5 cm
113 cm
Thigh (R)
71.5 cm
113 cm
Upper Arm (L)
37 cm
35 cm

Oh! I should also point out I actually had to weigh myself at 4.30 in the morning for this.  Wednesday I had a meeting in the city - which is 2 1/2 hours away.  So I had to get up early to drive myself there.  What fun….. :(  This is after I had to drive 2.5 hours to another city in the other direction on Tuesday for a convention.  Two mornings in a row I had to get up early for work purposes.  Crazy times. 

I also had to leave detailed instructions on how to deal with my clients on both these days, so I missed Monday's gym class.  I missed Tuesday's because I needed to go to bed early to sleep.  I got back home too late to go to Wednesday's gym and by Thursday I was absolutely pooped so I skipped the gym on Thursday (and slept for almost 12 hours - lovely and refreshing, glad I did!)

I think I also slacked this week with good food choices because of this.  I packed my lunch for both trips into the city which I was pleased about.  However, I do admit going to Hungry Jacks to get a (vegetarian) burger for dinner Wednesday night before driving home.  I debated about Subway, but we have Subway at home, and Hungry Jacks is a treat I only afford myself when in the city.  I felt good though about my choice because I didn't get any fries or soft drink to go with it. 

Another excuse, and I do admit quite freely to using the word excuse, because that's what it is, is "I was sick".  I was pretty unwell Monday & Tuesday.  Snotty nose, sneezing, chills and every now and then a wave of nausea.  I think on Monday all I had during the day was a number of cups of lemon tea.  I didn't even eat the tomato soup I brought - loaded up with garlic and leek and other vegetables.  I just didn't feel I could keep it down. 

So I need to work better on recognising when I'm getting run-down and counter-act that.  I know that with a head cold like I had, exercising is still fine.  In fact, I managed to go for a bike ride with Imogen on Saturday.  9 km.  I had to stop often because I couldn't breathe, but Imogen is also new to getting fit.  She admits her self she doesn't ride very fast. 

No excuses next week.  Have already packed my gym bag for Monday.


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