Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Step in the Right Direction

(Read this post as if it were written on Saturday - for some reason, it didn't post when it was supposed to).  I meant to post yesterday, but it didn't quite happen.  Friday nights and all.  For me that was a glass of red wine, in front of the telly.

But before I got there, I started my August Challenge in fine form!  After work, Imogen and I decided we'd go for a walk.  I actually was at work and by 4.30 I decided my reports and sales checks could wait until today, so I packed up early and decided to head home as the weather was beautiful and sunny and still a warm day (for winter).  I even surprised the cleaners, who are used to me leaving after them!

Imogen started off with an oft-repeated saying of hers "I know this sounds really bad, but I feel like I want to order a pizza".  I have heard this 4 times from Imogen in the past two weeks.  Annoys me, but I don't know how to tell her, it's not worth it.  I know it's not worth it, and I'm strong enough to just turn around and say 'no'.  Imogen's not there yet.  One aspect which makes it extra hard is we live only about 200m away from the pizza place.  All I can really say is "it's not worth it" but no matter how often I say it, it's not sinking in yet.

But to the point.  We went for a walk, and it was grand.  We returned in the dark, but that's okay, because we walked 10,171 steps, covering a distace of 8.67 km.  That's nearly 10% of my distance goal.  Hooray!  I feel good for it.  I was tired at the end of it, but I'm glad that I went for such a long walk after work.  If the weather's good today, I will go again for the same walk I think.

Food-wise, still not doing so well.  But my pedometer shows that I burnt 1020 calories from that walk, which when I converted to kilojoules, because that's what all food energy measurement is given in, I had burnt off 4200kJ.  That was enough to earn a prawn pasta marinara at the pizza place.  They don't do salads there which is dissapointing.  But I'm glad that I was able to justify eating the pasta (2610kJ), and it came in a decent sized portion, which I knew I could eat all of and be satisfied with.  Pizza isn't worth it because there are low-cal pizzas available, but my willpower doesn't let me stop eating just two slices.  I can easily plough through 5 slices in one sitting and usually finish the other three before the night is over.  See?  Not worth it.

Unfortunately I have a lot of lollies in my house at the moment, leftover from Thursday's event.  NEED TO GET RID OF THEM.  I feel sick because I keep reaching over and eating them, even though I normally don't have a sweet tooth.  I don't even eat chocolate because I find it too sweet.  If I take them into work and leave them in the staffroom for everyone, I should be fine.  I don't ever succumb to sweets at work, probably because I have told people over and over I have an anti-sweet tooth.  So, to avoid feeling like a hypocrite, I never eat them at work. 

Gracious, I also need to get cracking and make dinner tonight for the week.  I won't have time to cook dinner at least two nights this week, and it means that I have something to take into work for lunch instead of running to the takeaway on the corner for a egg & lettuce sandwich and an apple.  Hey there's a win.  Over the last two weeks, when I've had to run to the shop to get my lunch, I've picked out either an apple or banana to eat with my lunch.  Normally, I'd go for a small packet of chips.  This week has been all fruit.  Yay.

Well, I have house chores to do, so I'd better dash.  I'll post later this afternoon if I go for a walk or not.  At the latest, I'll post on Sunday about my plans for exercise for the week.


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