Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Monthly Challenge


Because I want to get back into the swing of things, I think I need to start setting myself intermediate goals & challenges, to keep me working towards losing weight and getting fit.

So I decided, not only should I aim to do some exercise everyday, I plan to walk 100 km in the month of August. 

Over 30 days that's an approximate of 3.33 km a day.  Another way to look at it, is if every second day I go for a full 1 hour walk, I'm covering 6km.  I feel I can do it.  I want this on top of going to the gym.

I'm starting with wearing my pedometer at work tomorrow.  I have an outdoor event that is going to go on all day (7.30am - 5.30 pm) and I know I'll be shattered, so I won't go to the gym, but I will go on a walk in the evening.  I may even be able to convince Imogen to come with me.

Imogen is a work colleague of mine who lives nearby.  We both slacked off over the last two months, but on the weekend we went out for a walk, both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Over the two days we walked for 1h45m - a total of 8 km.  So, idependently, we each came up with the decision to get back into fitness/losing weight.  Imogen's not much of a gym goer, at least not at the moment, so walking sounds like a plan!  We even discussed cycling in the morning before work - but it's cold and dark at 5.30 in the morning.  It's Winter.  5.30am in Winter is not walking (or cycling) time.  Maybe.  If in a week or two the cold snap passes, the sun will be rising earlier, I might be convinced. 

Am I just coming up with excuses to get out of doing exercise, rather than finding ways to incorporate and increase my exercise & movement every day?  Eurgh.  Losing weight and getting fit is hard.  And it's only like that, because I let myself get so unfit and unhealthy.  If I hadn't ignored the way I was treating my body, I wouldn't be having this issue right now.  I've only brought it upon myself, and I only I can change it.  I want to change it. I will change it. I'm going to change it And I am changing it!


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