Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Am I making any progress? Part 2

And we're back for another round.  This is a continuation of this post

Four - somewhat counter-acts what I just said in my previous post, but oh well.

I've been weighing myself everyday, since the start of the year. 

It's been absolutely FASCINATING!!!
I have always been against daily weighings.   I've always been told that it's not accurate because you always have daily fluctuations due to water retention, muscle, etc, so it's normal to see -0.5, +1, +2, -.3 in your day to day and then you start to lose sight of what's happening!  So a weekly weigh-in works best.  

Two things made me change my mind. 

One, a colleague of mine who is also trying to lose weight - not very successfully at the moment mind you - is very much for daily weighings.  She likes to keep track of what's happening and likes the collection of all the data.  Additionally, she feels it keeps her accountable.  She sees that if she goes off-plan with her eating, then it reflects the next morning on the scale.  So she has an app that she enters her daily weight into and she can see what's happening.  She feels if she goes out and has Hungry Jack's for dinner, it is evident the next morning on the scale.  So she uses it as motivation for herself.

Two. I found a really groovy website to put my weight into.  I originally tried it for weekly weighings, but it just wasn’t working, so I decided this year I would give it a go for daily weighings.  

weightgrapher.com is a website where you enter your daily weight, but it then will average out your past 10 (by default, but adjustable) weights and give you a trend line of how your weightloss is going and even gives you a prediction of when you’ll achieve your goal weight.  I think it’s pretty cool!  Here’s what mine looks like for the past month.  The upper blue line is the trend line of where my weight was one month ago.  The blue line connected to the red tags (which are my actual weight) is my trending weight.

And from the start of the year – this one’s a bit messy because it has my attempt of weekly weighings still in there.  The blue are predicted weigh-ins, because I was at mum’s (or wasn’t weighing in yet).  The green are for when I’ve added any notes – for example, ate takeaway burgers, or was sick so I didn’t eat properly.

What do you think?  Pretty cool huh?  And… well… this graph doesn’t lie.  I’ve lost some weight and am currently hovering around 100kg (220lbs).  As you can see from the graph, I’ve been there for about two weeks now, so I think it’s time to readjust my goals on MFP to reflect the fact that I’ve now lost… 7kg since the start of the year. :D  Yay! Go me! 


  1. Way to go! And that site looks similar to the Happy Scale app I use. It also averages out your fluctuations to show your predicted true weight. It also lets you set goals and milestones. I love it!

    1. Oooh... that sounds pretty cool, being able to set goals and so on. I just really love the fact that it averages. SUCH a different way to look at weightloss! :)