Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My first 5K!

I left this in drafts because I wanted to add pictures! So here's the post now! :)

I got back about an hour ago from completing my first ever 5K race.  Woo!  It was part of a fundraiser for breast cancer research and support in coincidence with International Women's Day.

I say race, although I wasn't in either of the running categories.  There was a <30min runners category and a 30-35 min category and then lastly a general runners-walkers-and-those-with-strollers category.

I decided that I was going to aim to complete the race in <1 hour.

I based that off the fact that all I've really been walking lately is 3km (1.8mi) distances, and when I'm pushing myself thats an average 9'48" min/km pace (6.1km/hr; 3.8mph). If I could keep that pace up the whole race, then I should have made it around the 50 minute mark.  I gave myself more time because of the longer distance (in case of fatigue) and crowding (being a crowd event after all).  But I decided I would still try to push myself nevertheless to definitely finish under 1 hour.

I finished in 48'34".


I seriously felt soooo good when I saw that on my nano!  Because I was not a serious running competitor, I didn't get a timing chip, but that's okay.  I used my nano (as I just pointed out) to take my time and distance. And after all, this was my first 5K.  It didn't need to be serious.

But now I'm looking up what other events and 5kms races are on that I can sign up for.  The Brisbane Marathon runs a 5K race.  There's the always popular "Bridge to Brisbane" 5k/10k race that cross over the huge Gateway Motorway toll bridge.  Hmm... Off to do some investigating!

(You can click on the photos to make them bigger)

In the morning, ready to go! 

The results! And yes, that's my food diary behind it.


  1. Awesome time! Great work. I walked 5.7k this morning around the lake, but it took me more than an hour.

    1. Thanks Natalie!
      In your defence, I will point out I am tall-and-long-legged. I'm not sure how tall you are, but my mum is 153cm and will never match my strides!
      Good job on the 5.7 km - that's nearly twice the distance I regularly walk!

  2. Woohoo! So happy for you! I look forward to the day when I can do the same.

    1. Thanks Anna!
      I'm sure your day will come sooner than you realise with all the running training you've been starting. Think of the endurance level you're building up! :)

  3. Thanks ladies, it was a lovely feeling. Mind you, I did stay sitting on the grass for the next hour to recover! :)

  4. Wow! Yay! Congrats, that's awesome!