Sunday, 16 March 2014

Am I making any progress? Part 1

Hi there!
I pointed out, mmm... two three weeks ago that I was working on updating my weightloss table in the other tab? And yet I never got round to it.

But I want to assure you all that I have been working hard at losing weight.  It's been a long slow process, but I think I might be finally getting somewhere.

I made the decision at the start of the year that I was going to try (once again) to lose weight.  I reset my goals in MFP and used the opportunity of being on summer break to re-evaluate my lifestyle and get myself in order. 

I decided to do a few things differently.  One I've already talked about is going for a walk much more frequently.  I worked out that I should have at any time, at least 30 min to go for a walk, everyday.  I haven't been perfect, but there hasn't been a week that's gone by where I haven't been for a walk.  There have been days where I'm tired, and I don't wanna, but! I've laced up my shoes, and I've gone.  Go me.

I've even now worked out 4 definite routes of 3km (1.8mi).  Because they loop, I can instantly double it by switching directions - huzzah!  The reason I've chosen 3km is because my average walking pace is 10:25min/km, or just under 6km/hr -> googling a conversion calculator tells me this is... 16.76 min/mi and 3.58mph.  So therefore, I can 'spare' the half hour necessary to get a decent walk in, no matter how I'm feeling, or what the time of day is.

So that's One.

Two - I have stopped buying foods that I know I binge on.  Ice cream for example is a food that I can't keep in the house.  No matter how I buy it - 1L tubs, 250mL tubs, individual cornettos or magnums, I can't seem to pace it out.  I buy ice cream with the intention of eeking it out over weeks, and I end up consuming all I bought in 3 days.  That's not cool.  The same goes for some other foods too, like chicken kebab skewers.  I bake 8 at a time, with the intention of taking all the cubed meat and freezing it for lunches or salads... Nope.  They barely made it to the next morning.  

So... I can't have those foods right now.  But what I can have, I'm happy with.  Cake & donuts freeze really well.  I was surprised!  But they do.  I bought a little 'party cake' - along the size of a Madeira cake - that was to for 6 portions.  So I cut it up into 6 portions and wrapped it in alfoil and stuck it in the freezer.  If I want something sweet, I know it's there.
So that's an ongoing thing I'm learning and dealing with.

Three - I decided that if I don't lose weight and that this is it?  Oh well.  Too bad.  If I stay at this size forever, well, that's not something I'm overly happy about, but right now, it might have to do.  But there's certainly nothing stopping me from being healthy at this size.  I'm not really a proponent of HAES, but I do feel that I can make myself healthier - heart-wise and diet-wise.  So, that's what I'm concentrating on right now.  If I lose weight along the way, so much the better.

So that's progress, doncha think?  I hope it's progress.  It feels like progress in any case.

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