Sunday, 30 March 2014

Am I making any progress? Part 3

Hmm, I hadn’t initially thought of making this a three part post, but it makes sense to share this here and now, and not later.  It makes a nice little summary to what I’ve already discussed here and here.

 So, this year, I haven’t been blogging very well.  In fact, for the last year I haven’t been blogging very well.  Nor have I been losing weight.  Last year I experienced some success in losing weight – using myfitnesspal – in June last year.  But of course, I slacked off and the weight went back up.  New Year, new chance to start again.  I really want to make getting healthier & losing weight a priority this year.  I know I eat better when I log.  So I’m going to keep logging.  I know I eat better when I exercise.  So I’m going to keep exercising.

I haven’t really noticed any correlation to my daily weighings and my eating habits.  Nor mood.  Like, I’m happy to see it go down, but if it goes up, it’s due to what I ate, or the amount of water I didn’t drink, etc, etc.  I’m thinking I’m lucky and I don’t get scale obsessive.  For me, it’s about the data and trends and numbers.  Couldn’t care less about what the actual numbers are, I just find it fascinating to see them. 

I’m still only considering my weekly weigh-in on a Monday as my “official” weight.  I could I guess use the weight on, but I’m happy just using Mondays.  Additionally, because weightloss shouldn’t be all about the scale, I’m also going to take measurements.  I figure for those I’ll only do it once a month, because I’m not really do high intensity exercise like aerobics or weight lifting, so a weekly measurement is not going to be drastic.

So to sum up:
  • I’ve been exercising by walking two or three times a week.
  • I’ve restarted dance classes
  • I’ve been avoiding buying foods I can’t moderate
  • I’ve been logging (almost) every day since the start of the year.  There have been days when I couldn’t get on, but I backtracked and filled them in as best I could.
  • I’ve been weighing myself daily to see if there is a trend of me losing weight

Has it made a difference?  You be the judge.  (And I know I don’t take photos very well.  Yes, these were selfies in the bathroom mirror – sorry!)


  1. How much time between the different sets of pictures? Cuz I definitely see a difference from the first row to the second. :)

  2. Definite change! Quite a lot, I would say.

  3. Thanks for your kind words. :)

    Good point, I didn't think to add the dates...
    The first pic is from the very start of the year, 1st January. I weighed 106.1kg in that picture.
    The second pic (in the orange shirt) was from 18th February. I had meant to measure and photograph on the first Monday but I forgot. I weighed 101.2kg that week
    The last in the row, in my PJs ;) was from the first Monday of March, so only two weeks later. 100.1kg