Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rainy Rain

Hi there! 
I've been away the last few days for a conference, so good eating and exercise have completely left me for the time being.

So, back in town today and working on getting the eating back together - very busy time at work at the moment, certainly until the end of next week.  So crazy times, and the thing that is sliding at the moment is proper food prep!  Urgh! :(  I'm finding I just don't get enough time in my lunchtime to sit and eat, so I am eating more in the evening.  And because I'm tired and hungry, I am trying to get food into me quickly - so it's not the most nutritionally balanced food.  One more week, and then I'm on holidays - yeah!  Time to clear out space in the freezer and cook foods for the next couple of months! :) 

So, eating hasn't been great.  But, I'm happy to keep up the exercising.  I didn't get a chance to much this past week, unless it's been walking from the building where we stayed, up the hill to the dining hall, down the hill to the 'outdoor teamwork' area, and so on. 

After work today, I was so keen to head out for a walk, clear my head, stretch my legs...  except it's raining.  And not a light drizzle, but a steady downpouring of rain that could turn into flash flooding.  If it were a drizzle or shower of rain, I'd take my brolly and just go.  But this is the sort of rain that no matter how much you wrap up, dress up, you are going to get wet. 

So no.

Instead, I decided I needed to move regardless, so I thought I'd see what YouTube could offer me.  I wasn't really feeling a 'bodyweight' workout or anything yoga like.  So I did a Leslie Sansone 'Walk At Home' video I found. 

WOW!  What a workout!!  I picked the '1 Mile' walk just to see what it was like.  I can't believe walking in place can get you so sweaty and raise your heart rate so much!  Whew!  According to Nike+ Fitness app, I burnt 321 Calories. 


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