Friday, 19 December 2014

18 Dec. 14

18 Dec. 14
What did I do well today?
  • ·         I exercised this morning, going for a 3km walk
  • ·         I made myself a low-cal omelette – filled with capsicum, cabbage, spinach and mushroom
  • ·         I stuck to my daily calorie goal

What did I not do well today?
  • ·         Getting the living room organised
  • ·         Making a plan for Christmas shopping
  • ·         Meeting my daily 10,000 steps goal
  • ·         Going swimming in the afternoon à not entirely my fault, we had a storm come through this afternoon!

What did I do that was not on the plan and was a distraction from my goal?
  • ·         Start reading a library book
  • ·         Copying my iPod playlist
  • ·         Watch kids’ tv (I LOVE the Total Drama * Series :D and it happened to be on as a mini marathon as I was eating lunch)

What did I struggle with today?
After lunch (satay chicken stir-fry with brown rice and steamed Asian greens) I realised I really really wanted something sweet.  A Biscuity kind of sweet, not chocolate in particular, but something cool, and crunchy.  I tried drinking some water sweetened with herbal tea, but that wasn’t enough.  I tried some grapes and watermelon but it wasn’t hitting the spot.  I just really wanted something sweet.  A custardy fruit tart would have been swell. 

I tried self-talk to determine why I wanted something sweet, but nothing seemed right.  I wasn’t bored, upset or hungry.  I think it was a procrastination thing?  As in, I had the washing to put away, and I needed to sort out the living room.  But by eating, it meant that I could put that off for a little longer.  Even more so if I decided to get adventurous and make something, rather than just open a packet.


I REALLY really wanted a biscuit. 

I didn’t eat anything though, because it didn’t fit my daily calories and I wasn’t going to kid myself into thinking, “oh go-on, eat it and you can exercise for it later”.

What’s on the plan for tomorrow?
  • ·         Pre-log tomorrow’s meals.
  • ·         Set alarm to get up for a walk
  • ·         Get out of the house for some Xmas shopping
  • ·         Finish copying the iPod playlist (it’s stopped responding to iTunes.  I tried re-installing iTunes, but it looks like I will need to wipe the iPod.  Oh noes!)

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