Thursday, 18 December 2014


Okay, so the holiday health plans are off to a stumbling start.

I went for 3km walks Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  Each one ended up slightly over 3km and took just under 34min, with an average pace of 10'40".

I missed Tuesday morning because I slept late, getting up at 7am.  Trust me, it's already too hot to be going out to exercise at that time!  So I compensated with a 45 min walk that afternoon, after a nanna nap.  I was surprised at myself actually, because I really didn't want to do it.  Like, I was comfy on the couch, and that was that.  In fact, it took me nearly an hour to convince myself to get up and go.  I worked on using the self-talk of "you don't feel like going?  Well, that''s even more reason you need to go." 

If I start quitting every time "I don't feel like it", I'm never going to get anywhere, am I?

So I went on this 45 minute walk.  I pushed myself with my pace and managed to cover 5.01km in 45'35".  My pace was 9'06"/km.  I was well happy about that!

I have decided against the Zumba.  WAY.  TOO.  HOT!!  Or humid.  Or both.  Either way, I just can't handle it in a non-cooled environment.  I have no air-con or even ceiling fans.  I have one pedestal fan, that the previous tenant left behind.  I've never been game enough to plug it in.  I also worry because I'm liable to knock into it by accident.  So... no Zumba.  Maybe I'll bring my DVDs to mum's.  She has a window air-con in her living room.  I'll see if I can convince her to let me turn it on while I do some Zumba.  *Rolls eyes*  Maybe I'll have to bring her with some money to cover the cost of the electricity  :)

Haven't quite gone swimming yet either.  I've thought about it, but then I've gotten involved in some activity that takes me through the afternoon and then it's too late.  I know I have the time to go swimming at anytime of the day now that I'm on holidays, and yet... I only want to do it in the afternoon because I feel like it's a waste of the day to go earlier.  One - I find it tiring after being out of practice for months.  and Two - If I go now (at 11:30am), then the day is only going to get hotter, as am I.  I'd rather go in the afternoon, so that I get the chance to cool down after a long hot day. 

Already missed a day of logging (Tuesday) for MFP.  Need to work out a log-in-advance system.  Haven't decided yet if that's easier through the web or through the mobile app. 

Restarted daily weighing (missing Tuesday).  Seriously, don't know what was up with Tuesday that threw me off everything... ?  On Monday I will take a progress picture and then first Monday of the Month after that.  I have gained weight these last few months.  Back up to my high of ~ 106kg. But, seeing as I reached ~97kg last year, I know it is possible for me to lose weight.  I am still holding onto my initial goal of reaching 90kg. 

Plans for rest of today:
  • eat lunch
  • log it
  • fold and put away yesterday's washing
  • vacuum & mop living room floor
  • Declutter and clean kitchen benches
  • Have afternoon tea
  • prep veggies for dinner (stirfry and quiche)
  • Go to pool at 4pm for a swim
  • Home, showered, cooled by 6pm
  • Dinner, log recipes made.
  • Relax


  1. You are a fast walker! My little legs struggle to do 5 k in an hour, let alone 45 mins.

  2. Yes, I have had numerous people mention that I am a quick walker. I am tall, long legged though.

    My mum is 154cm. She has average length legs, so when we go walking together we can never find the right pace for us both to comfortably walk at. Either she's stumbling to keep up with me, or (most often) I am trying to dawdle to suit her pace.

    Ever concentrated on how you actually walk? It's like getting you to consciously think about your breathing or blinking - the moment you focus on it, you forget how it's done.

    So I have to make an effort to dawdle for mum, and end up tripping over my own feet! :)