Friday, 19 December 2014

The Purge - Part 1

Like most women, I love clothes.  Like most women, I have a lot of them.  And like many women who have gained weight, I have held onto clothes that are my “skinny me”. 
Some of these clothes I’ve been holding onto for years.  From my uni days in fact.  And I never got rid of a lot of them, because gaining weight was meant to be “only a temporary” thing.  I would be back to my normal size in no time, right?

My current size is an Australian 22.  I think that comes through in conversions as 20 (UK)/18 (US).  At my fittest/lightest I was a size 10 (Aus)/8 (UK)/6 (US).  My average that I would gravitate around was a 12-14.  [10-12 (UK)/8-10 (US)].  Such a shame that back then I thought I was this huge heffalump and would bemoan my size and how nothing sat right.   If only I knew then just how good I had it. L


One of the things that spurs me on to keep trying to tone up, to lose weight is because I struggle to find clothes to fit me.

A) not many department stores stock plus sizes
B) the specialist plus size stores are expensive
C) due to my height, and proportions my weight distribution is wonky
D) despite gaining 40kgs of weight I’m not big chested and tops that are big enough to go around my belly are WAY too low cut for my liking.  (As far as I am concerned, the neckline of tops should sit no more than three finger-widths below the collar bone).  Or else they become baggy shapeless sacks across my shoulders and upper torso. L
E) are often designed for a more mature woman, not someone in her late twenties.
F) or are deisgned for a woman who’s (I’m sorry to say) “given up on life”.  Things like rubbishy T-Shirts style tops that will pill and look shabby after two-three washes, or pants made from rather thin fabrics, like linen, which will rub away between the thighs.   Clothes that do not look like they belong in a professional environment, especially if you do not work in air-conditioning.

Polyester and its blends are all well and good, but if you are in a job where you are on your feet and move from location to location, in the summer time, it feels like you may as well be wearing a plastic garbage bag, with sandpaper between the thighs.

I feel like the clothes I like in terms of style are made of polyester or viscose or one of those other synthetics, whilst all the cotton, breathable clothes are t-shirts and the like – which I would not be allowed to wear at work. 


Anyhow.   Today I decided to start tackling the mess that’s been building up in my house.  In fact, I only wrote this as a ‘break’ but it’s turned into a huge post (3 pages and counting!) and it’s two hours later.

I’ll be back with more later this evening, possibly tomorrow.

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