Monday, 30 April 2012

Always, Yes!

Woo-hoo! I went to the gym again today!  It wasn't just a one-off from last week.  I'm so pleased.  Tired now though.  In fact, I was tired before I left.

I didn't get much sleep last night - because I stayed up to 3 in the morning reading.  Whoops.  I also didn't wake up early enough to pack myself lunch, (which I know I should have packed the night before), nor make breakfast.  I was aware throughout the day that I was nowhere near the right level of water intake.  In fact, I think I only had 2 glasses.  And I knew that I was going to be finishing up late at work (nearly 5pm) and I didn’t bring anything to eat for the afternoon.

Overall, not the smartest series of decisions I've ever made.  I am really glad however, that I didn't quit out tonight, claiming 'tiredness', but I pulled on my shoes and I went to the gym.  In fact, my gym bag was the only thing I had packed ready for today.  I thought I would get out of work much later, and thus would need to go straight from work to the gym.  So I had my gym clothes, towel and shoes all sitting ready to go.

Then I had the odd feeling where I didn't quite know what to do with myself.  Seeing as I had finished work earlier than I anticipated, and I didn’t relish hanging around for another 45 min, I went home and go changed.  And then, I sat around.  I didn't know what was worth doing.  Seeing as I ducked home, should I have done some form of house work?  Clean the bathroom sink, for example?  Or, if it was a night that I was cooking dinner, I would have used the time to prep, and maybe cut up some vegetables.  I also didn't know if it was worth trying to warm-up, because honestly?  The thought went through my head of, "but I don't want to use up my energy before I even get there".  So I just sat around, twiddling my thumbs, until it seemed decent enough time to leave the house.

Maybe in few weeks I'll be more willing to wait the extra time at the gym, but right now, I don’t know people other than the trainer and one girl I lived with long ago - and we don't really have anything in common with one another these days.  I'm worried that as the days get colder and evening comes sooner, I'm going to get more of these moments along the way.  And I'll get home and say to myself - do I really want to go to the gym tonight? 

I need to make sure that I convince myself that the answer is 'yes'.  Always YES!


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