Wednesday, 25 April 2012

End of Week 3

Well.  Hmm….
Mixed feelings about this week.  I know I haven't eaten super well - overeating.  I need to find some good strategies to tell myself I've finished eating for the day.  Monday I did alright, but last night, I ate my dinner late-ish, around 7.30pm.  Even though I ate the right amount of food (bolognaise pasta bake with salad) I still felt like I wanted to eat something.  I ate some (air popped) popcorn and yoghurt and cream cheese sandwich.  And even them, I still wanted to eat something.  All good food on it's own, but too many calories in one go.   I need to find a way to convince myself to wait the 20 minutes after eating in order to feel the fullness.  Maybe I need to see if I can eat more during the day, reducing the amount I should need to eat later in the day.

I went to another gym class, and stayed behind to ask the instructor what exercises I could do to strengthen my wrists.  In yesterday's class, I could feel a bit of pain as well as from time to time, them giving way.  Not great if you're needed to use your hands to help push you off the ground (to turn over) or to support your weight (mountain climbers anyone?). 

But! I'm happy that I went to the gym.  I said I would go and I did - twice!  I have a late meeting on this Thursday night, so I won't be going to Thursday's class this week. I do hope to be able to go next week three times.  I'm planning it like that at this stage.  Oh! I also asked the gym instructor if I would be able to keep up in Thursday's class and he said it was worth coming along.  The class I went to Monday - circuit training - is good fun.  We only spend about 30-60 seconds on each station, and rotate through anywhere between 8 - 15 stations .  Jeremy (the gym instructor) mentioned that it focuses more on lower body strength.  Yesterday's class - TBT - stands for Tummies, Bums and Thighs.  Hmm… wonder what that class was designed to target?  :-)  Another good class.  A touch of cardio and a lot of core and strengthening exercises.  Little sore from it today.  Mostly in my shoulders and my abs.  Jeremy tells me Thursday Fitbox is supposed to be more about cardio and upper body.  I think I can handle that.  

Well at the end of this week, this how the results look. 

I forgot to get up early enough to weigh myself first thing today, but I did remember to do so before lunch.  This was after a 20 min walk into town and back.

Since Sunday, I went to 2 gym classes.  Ate well portion-wise Sunday and Monday.  Had a bit of a blowout Tuesday night.  Sensible breakfast today.

96 kg
86.5 cm
117 cm
102 cm
114 cm
Thigh (R)
72 cm
113.5 cm
Upper Arm (L)
36 cm
35 cm
Some weird results here, and am not sure what to make of them.  I seem to have lost cm around my arms, neck and waist, but have gained on my hips.  Can I really have lost some weight on my body in two days since I last measured?  I worry that I'm not measuring myself accurately, but I have been in front of a mirror in order to do it so I can check the tape measure is sitting horizontally properly and where I measured last.  Maybe I'm just reading too much into this, given I've never checked my weight loss in such a structured manner before.  

Here's to next week being better in my food choices and in keeping up with exercise!


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