Sunday, 22 April 2012

What a wasted week

Well, it's been 1 week since I've returned to work after holidays.  As I suspected, my exercise and diet plans, went out the window!
This week was hard.  I didn't lose any weight and I only exercised the once, and that was a quick 1/2 hour walk on Tuesday, because I was short on time.  And, obviously, I didn't even blog until today!  I didn't weigh and measure myself on Wednesday either.  This week was a step backwards.

A number of things I think contributed to a poor result this week. 
For starters, every evening this week, I got home, sat down and basically just crashed.  I fell asleep on the couch by 8pm.   And spent the entire night on the couch.   I only woke up at around quarter to 8, leaving me just fifteen minutes to shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, pack lunch,  and drive to work! 

So my energy levels were incredibly poor and if I wasn't at work, I was asleep it seemed!  And the food I was eating, and the quantities, were not the same as what I was eating on my holidays.  Sunday night when I got back, I had some fresh filled pasta - spinach ricotta angniolotti - and a creamy tomato ricotta sauce from a jar. I probably ate a serving and a half of that. I took the left overs to work Monday and Tuesday, and I felt I ate sensible portions of it, around 200-250g worth.  Monday night I cooked up some wholemeal pasta, cous-cous and leftover tomato & basil pasta sauce.   The total quantity amounted to probably three servings, if you check proper serving sizes.  I ate it all that night.  Vegetable soup Tuesday night that I ate Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.  Wednesday I also ate a heap of Anzac biscuits.  Over a dozen.  Even today, I ate too much food, double dose of breakfast, then a really late lunch so I stuffed myself with four cheese sandwiches, two beers, two packets of popcorn and a microwavable pasta pack.  Can you see a trend in my eating and food habits yet?  LOTS of carbs (pasta in particular). 

However, over the last day I have been relatively more active than I was in the beginning of the week.  When I came home yesterday, I set to work cleaning my floordrobe in order to move out an armoire that I had no more use for.  And in my living room, I set to work clearing out the furniture in there, so I could give the couch back to my neighbour, who I had been borrowing it from.   In the process of cleaning and moving stuff, I also came across my pedometer, so I'm super happy about that.  For ages now, I've had to guess the distance I've travelled when on my walks, but I won't have to now.

I also think I'm low on iron.  If I have been crashing like I have been it's usually a sign that I'm down on my iron.  Time to start dosing up again! Bonus side effect is increasing my vitamin C levels in order to help absorb iron supplements and plant iron will hopefully boost my immune system.  Helpful as we're heading into cooler weather and in about three weeks we'll reach winter.

I have decided that on Monday, I will look into joining the gym in my area.  As much as I whinge about it, I think I need to get my butt into gear and really start exercising.  Diet alone will only go so far.  And as I've discovered this week, if I'm caught up and busy with work, by the time I get home, I have limited time to exercise (walk) before it gets dark.  So I need to somehow pick up activity levels somewhere else in my day.  I was thinking/hoping if I can get myself organised properly, I might also see if I can get myself to the gym in the morning before work. 

So, things I am going work on this week:  Portion sizing of my food.  Packing lunch the night before.  Exercising at least three times this week - Gym class Monday, walk on Wednesday, and gym again on Thursday or Friday.  Weighing myself on Wednesday.  Cooking appropriate amounts of food.

Lots to work on! Better get to it, including more housework  :-)

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