Saturday, 28 April 2012

Friend Support!

Ha!  Super exciting news!  I have a friend who lives close by me who is also wanting to lose weight.  We've made (at this stage) a loose pact to keep tabs on one another and be accountable for weight-loss.    I say a loose pact because we were talking about it in the carpark after a late session at work on Thursday, but still need to work out some details.  We did decide somethings however.
  1. We would weigh-in once a week, and take measurements, and show them to one another.
  1. We would be honest about what didn’t work so well this week and would choices we could make that would be better.
  1. We would be 10 kg lighter before our next holidays - which will be June 23. 

Now, I think 10 kilos by that date will be tough, but I do agree with her in the idea that even 10 kg (22 pounds) will make a difference to our body.  That's less weight our body is carrying around, less pressure on our heart, lungs, knees...
I injured my knee 18 months ago when skiing and ended up having to have surgery on my knee.  As a result I now have less cartilage between my femur and tibia.  The job of the meniscus is to provide cushioning between those two bones. So, carrying around extra weight is not doing myself or my knee any favours!  Even my orthopaedic surgeon recommended that I lose weight to take the pressure off my knee - especially as I am getting older.  So now that I've done enough physiotherapy that my knee has recovered it's full range of motion (even twisting! That took a while) it's time to get fit!

I'm, really excited that Imogen is keen to lose weight and get fit along with me!  It will be nice to have someone to moan to when I don't feel like exercising and have them turn around and tell me to 'suck it up' - basically, 'get over it and get moving'.  That's probably going to be the biggest help.  We are heading into colder weather, so getting outside to get moving is going to be harder and harder.  (I discussed this on Monday about why I joined the gym).  So having someone else nearby to motivate me, or have me motivate them will be awesome!  In fact, we made plans to go for a bike ride this afternoon.  Hopefully it will stop raining by then! 


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