Monday, 23 April 2012

Joined the Gym!

I did it!  I joined the gym this afternoon!  I did say yesterday that I would, I just didn't expect myself to want to still do it today.  I guess the threat of rain this evening cemented the idea that going for a walk would be out of the question.   I know I have complained about the gym (a PCYC) in previous posts.  I am still unhappy with the gym being not open on weekends.  It shuts at 7.30pm weeknights.  7pm Friday.  There are only a handful of different classes available. 

Now, I do volunteer work on Wednesday afternoon/evening, so that night is out, but the rest of the week I can exercise.  But there is only 1 class an evening, and I'm worried some of them are beyond my fitness level.  I'm pretty sure the morning classes are beyond my fitness level.  In fact, I struggled in today's circuit class.  Don't get me too wrong, I am glad I went, but by the time we were halfway through, I wanted to pack it in.  So then getting through the rest was tough.  I couldn't even star jump properly.  : (

However, as I was working out (oh yeah, did I mention that part?  Not only did I join today, I also exercised. Yay for me!)   I kept thinking, 'in a few weeks, I'll be able to do this much better and much easier'.  I had to remind myself that while I might be whinging about it now, it was all for my benefit.  That sooner than I realised, I would start to notice the effect of going to the gym would have on me. 

Especially, as I have mentioned earlier on, it was looking to rain tonight, and seems the same way for the rest of the week.  And we are heading into winter soon, so getting outside for a walk before it gets dark may not be possible.  So, that's one of the main reasons I joined.  The other was that I wanted to speed up my results.  Walking is all well and good, but I really want to lose weight.  I'm so determined to lose this extra weight.   I'm sick of the effect it has on my posture, my confidence, my choice in clothing, my ability to participate in activities.  I feel so self conscious in my overweight state.  My face even looks overweight.  So by going to the gym, I want to kick-start my body into burning more energy. 

Also, I don't want to plateau too soon.   And I really don't know how much more I can change my eating habits.  Other than taking longer to eat smaller portions, and making sure I eat something in the middle of the day, I think I eat fairly healthy.  I eat a mainly vegetarian diet - no red meat or chicken, but I do eat fish, eggs and dairy.  I do eat processed foods, such as a muesli bar (sometimes all I have time for in those lunch breaks I mentioned) or stir-fry sauces in a jar, but I don't eat take-aways, or fried foods very often at all.  Cheese is probably the biggest thing that I eat that is unhealthy when not moderated.

One of my colleagues at work was telling me the other day how she's cut out all cream and butter and things of that nature from her food and cooking about three weeks ago and had lost 4 kilos.  Good on her!  But, I don't eat cream and butter, so I don't know what I can cut out.  I've never been a big a sweet tooth and have stopped buying cheese (if it's not in the house, I don't eat it!) and chips.  So, I guess, I'm also a little jealous that she was able to lose 4 kilos so easily.  I eat overall healthily, and I was exercising that first week I started, and I only lost 1 kilo.

But anyway, moving back to the gym.  I went today.  There is a class on tomorrow 6-7pm that I want to try.  Wednesdays, as I mentioned are out for me, although it is the circuit class like today's.  Thursday is a class called FitBox.  This is the class I'm worried I'm not fit enough to be able to do.  And there's no class on Friday, so I need to get a program done up for the weights room so I can do some exercise on a Friday after work.   

But for this week and next, I'm just going to stick to the classes and see how I feel.   For all I know, I won't be able to walk tomorrow!


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